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Weather in La Tranquila

While enjoying your vacations in La Tranquila you will have a extremely comfortable lodging not only because of the comfort of the accommodations but also because the Resort is surrounded by the most beautiful landscapes of the close mountains, virgin beaches, and a vibrant sea that will make you fall in love of this paradise every day.

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Live a dreamed vacations

One of the reasons that make this place to be unique and charming is it's tropical weather, because, since it is in the same latitud than Hawai, you will able to enjoy sunny days most time of the year. The media temperature is of 25° C (77° F) in the day and 20°C (68° F) in the sunset.

The rain season that is between June and October, but it have the particularity that the rain usually begins by the sunset and stops in the mornings, allowing to enjoy a warm day in the beach.